Tested to NSF Standard 49, manufacturer specifications, in house specifications, etc.

Depending on cabinet type and class, testing to include:

  • Alarm function verification
  • Inflow, downflow and exhaust air flow measurements (FPM/CFM)
  • HEPA Filter leak testing & repair or replacement
  • Exhaust motor and sheave inspection
  • Smoke studies for inflow and downflow
  • Temperature and static duct pressure
  • Ground polarity checks
  • Inspection of installation & proper use

Optional NSF Standard 49 secondary tests or services can include:

  • Light intensity (both UVC and fluorescent)
  • Sound levels
  • Vibration measurements
  • Air & Surface viable & non-viable particle counts
  • Soap bubble pressure test
  • Chlorine dioxide decontamination
  • Relative humidity
  • New unit setup
  • Relocation of existing units